Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Newspapers: The Newest Trend?

By Paige Wills in Facts About The Paper Industry, Why Choose Paper?


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Magazines have long been known to have inserts of perfumes for readers to smell. However, one newspaper has done its own spin on the scratch ‘n’ sniff.

According to an article titled, “What can you smell in today’s Grimsby Telegraph?” the Grimsby Telegraph inserted scratch ‘n’ sniff areas into its paper. Pages one and eleven smelled of freshly baked bread. The paper celebrated the “brilliance of bread” all last week and added the scratch ‘n’ sniff aroma of freshly baked bread to go along with the theme.

Here is a short excerpt from the article:

“’While news is, of course, our bread and butter, issuing a scratch ‘n’ sniff newspaper is a bit of fun to link in with a great promotion,” said editor Michelle Lalor.’”

I think this is a clever idea for a newspaper. I mean what person doesn’t like to scratch ‘n’ sniff. Newspapers are struggling in this economy and any clever, unique marketing technique helps.

Although the scratch ‘n’ sniff newspaper may not become a staple in the newspaper industry, it could possibly spur unique opportunities for advertising, especially for the perfume and food industry. On the other hand, I’m not sure how well newspapers would hold up to scratching ‘n’ sniffing…it seems like it could rip easily.

What are your thoughts? Would you scratch ‘n’ sniff if your newspaper had a section? Do you think it has the potential to catch on and offer unique advertising opportunities or do you think it is more of a sporadic, fun item?

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