Creative Way to Repurpose Unused Paper and Make Beautiful, Fun Envelopes

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After people finish reading magazines, there isn’t much to do with them. You can either keep them long past their expiration date or recycle them. However, Country Living magazine published an article titled “How to Make an Envelope From Recycled Paper” by Catherine Strawn. The article came up with a creative way to repurpose pages from old magazines. You can make beautiful envelopes out of magazine pages.

I have summarized the three easy steps from the article.

  1. Use their template. Draw it onto the piece of paper and then cut it out.
  2. Fold the side flaps, then the bottom flap and secure with glue.
  3. Insert the letter and seal the envelope.

These envelopes would be great for party invitations. It would also be a fun way to spice up a letter. Even though it might take a little more effort, you don’t have to buy anything except a glue stick (You could probably use tape as well).

This would be a fun craft for families to do together. So if you have a party planned for the near future or are looking for something creative to do, repurpose old magazine pages and make envelopes! (Newspapers would probably work too…the funny pages would make a fun envelope as well!).

For a step-by-step guide, read County Living’s article. Read more: How to Make an Envelope Out of Paper – DIY Paper Envelope Craft – Country Living

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