Man Sets World Record for Paper Plane Throw

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Imagine a childhood without paper. There would not have been any spitballs, notes, paper footballs or paper planes thrown around in classrooms. Although some people wouldn’t care, these paper items are a staple in most classrooms. They are a part of growing up.

Most of us have thrown one of these items at least once, probably paper planes. However, one man has taken paper plane throwing to the next level.

Most paper planes barely make it out of a person’s hand before it heads straight down to the ground. I know my paper planes never made it to the intended person. They always veered the opposite direction and headed straight down! However, to some, paper plane throwing is considered an art or craft.

According to an article by Thomas Neumann on espn.go.com titled, “Joe Ayoob sets paper airplane record: Former Cal QB headed into Guinness World Records for achieving longest throw,” Ayoob, a former California quarterback, threw a paper airplane 226 feet, 10 inches. The previous record was 207 feet, 4 inches.

Ayoob may have thrown the paper airplane; however, he did not make it. Here is an excerpt from the article talking about the creator of the paper plane:

“The plane was designed by John Collins, a producer at KRON-TV in San Francisco, who’s designed airplanes since childhood and also has studied the Japanese art of paper folding, origami. Collins, known as The Paper Airplane Guy, said he has been pursuing the record in earnest for three of four years. He’s studied aerodynamics, trajectories and the all-important verification process for Guinness World Records.”

In the article, Collins said he believes the paper plane can go even further if they have a larger facility, possibly 300 feet.

Share your thoughts on this topic. Did you throw paper planes during your childhood or do you still throw them occasionally? What is the furthest you have ever thrown one?

Here is a short ESPN YouTube video below showing the record-breaking throw.

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