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By Paige Wills in Why Choose Paper?

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     Christmas is less than a week away, and I’m sure many children have already written letters to Santa. Sometimes Santa even responds.
      Did you know Santa has a blog? Well, the United States Postal Service’s Operation Santa Claus has a blog. According to operationsanta.com, the USPS receives millions of letters to Santa from needy families each year. Postal workers, the general public, and companies sort through the letters and determine who is in need of a helping hand.
      We all know that the state of the economy has hit families hard, which makes the holidays more difficult. One thing that surprised me is that children are not the only ones that write letters. Struggling grandparents and parents write letters to Santa as well. According to operationsanta.com, 2010 was the busiest year; the operation received one million letters – double what they received in 2009.
       According to operationsanta.com, the USPS has been receiving letters to Santa for nearly a century; however, the official program wasn’t started until 1912. Seventy-five post offices are participating this year. To see if your post office is participating, click here.
      If your post office doesn’t participate, there are many other local organizations that may respond to letters from Santa.
      The deadline to volunteer or mail a gift for Operation Santa Claus is just a few days away, December 23. However, I believe this would be a great program for families, individuals, and companies to become involved with.
       I believe this program reinforces the need for the USPS, especially in this economy. I think it is a great program that may sometimes be overshadowed during the holiday season.
       I always thought it would be neat job/opportunity to write responses to children. Have you or your children ever written letters to Santa? Does “Santa” respond?
       For more information, visit http://www.operationsanta.com

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