Printed Versus Handwritten Envelopes: Which is More Professional?

By Paige Wills in Facts About The Paper Industry, Why Choose Paper?

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           Everything nowadays has to be typed otherwise it isn’t considered professional. I was recently told that handwriting an envelope isn’t as professional as typing it. However, I tend to disagree with this statement.

        Of course printed labels make everything look better; however, in a computer-based world, organizations receive tons of typed letters and envelopes. In my opinion, I think hand-addressed envelopes are not eye sores. Instead, if written in a different color ink, such as blue, I believe the envelope will stand out from the monotony of black type. Depending on whom the letter is for and your relationship with the person, I believe most people should stick to the basic blue or black ink. Pink, red, purple, or other bright colored inks may take away from the “professionalism” of the letter.

        If I was going through my mail, and I received a hand-addressed envelope and a bunch of typed envelopes, I would open the handwritten envelope first. The handwritten envelope shows me someone actually took the time to write out my address. It makes it seem a little more personal. On the other hand, there are certain situations where printed envelopes need to be used. For example, if you were sending a letter on behalf of your company, using a pre-printed label would definitely look more professional.

        What are your thoughts? Would you be more apt to open a handwritten envelope versus a printed envelope? Do you think handwritten envelopes are not professional?



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  • Josh

    I think that handwritten envelopes are very professional, especially if written in cursive. This also reiterates the importance of teaching cursive in schools. While some may consider hand-written envelopes to be unprofessional, others may enjoy them because it tends to stand out in a huge stack of letters. If I were to send someone an envelope addressed in written cursive, I would be sending the message that I stand out in a crowd. 

  • Msheanshang

    I would like to know if there's a higher response rate to hand written addresses vs. a typed one.  My wife has a small business and she sent out letters for a coming show and hand wrote the addresses.  It took a while but she received a great response.  I don't think she would have had the same results if they were lables applied to envelopes. 

  • Mshell7

    In my opinion, a handwritten envelope is more personal.  If you do not know someone it may be a bit forward.  If you have met and are sending a Thank You its professional & OK.  But someone else may think it is nice!

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